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We offer a range of consulting services to enable the assessment, audit, and implementation of Responsible Technology, AI and Data.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) has become a competitive advantage for businesses across all sectors. Yet, as these capabilities increase, so does the importance of implementing AI responsibly and transparently.

Up to 90% of AI implementations fail to achieve business goals.

Our consulting team comprises lawyers, data scientists, auditors, and experienced technology professionals across an expansive list of industries and backgrounds from top global organizations.

Feasibility study and roadmap for improvements in risk exposure

Responsible AI and Technology implementation readiness assessment

EU Conformity Assessment, NYC AI Law, EU Digital Services Act

Educate teams to promote successful, responsible implementations

Guardrail Technology product customization and consulting

Scoping your IT and human systems to identify areas of risk

Maturity assessments based on third party frameworks (ex. NIST AI, OCED)

Conducting Responsible
AI audits

Regulatory Compliance assessments of AI, Data & Technology

Data and Document Review and Labeling


Guardrail Technologies™ created Guardrail for Generative AI™, a suite of software to put organizations, businesses, governments, and individuals in control of the use of Generative AI.


Help lawyers who can translate regulation into actionable requirements

Technology consulting and audit experts who can take the requirements and align them to specific procedures and outputs

Academics who can bring the emerging and diverse thinking related to these new advancements


Establish the type of project — readiness assessment, audit, compliance review, regulatory response, litigation,
software implementation

Evaluate the scope use case, applicable law and regulations, requirements, timing and output

Determine applicable elements of theData Science Responsibility Model “DSRM”

Define scope, deliverables, and timing

Establish key engagement contacts



Notebook™ to document procedures performed

Extensive library of analytics to observe, test and evaluate input, output, models, data and technology

Automated reporting and “Responsible Technology Labels”

Guardrail Suite™

Responsible AI is not just about embedding ethical considerations into your AI models — it’s about building trust. We help you create AI systems that are explainable, transparent, fair, and secure.

With our industry-leading toolset, you will help ensure your AI algorithms avoid biased outcomes, safeguard user data, and operate transparently, enhancing customer trust and protecting your brand reputation.

Until the legal and regulatory issues AI presents are addressed, as this powerful tool advances, someone must be accountable for making sure that the models being used are appropriate for the task. We need boundaries in place to prevent their misuse—ones that are stress-tested to discover and address unintended consequences in a timely manner. Because right now, if AI is fed false data, it has no way to fact-check itself. And when AI spreads those falsehoods, it’s accountable to no one. We’re the only ones who can change that.

Michael Chertoff

served as the secretary of homeland security under President George W. Bush. He is a special adviser on the American Bar Association AI Task Force AI Use Desperately Needs Proactive Guardrails Across Industries

“With proper guardrails in place, generative AI can not only unlock novel use cases for businesses but also speed up, scale, or otherwise improve existing ones.”

Proven approach across all industries

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Life Science


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