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Prevents data from being shared that an individual, family, corporate employee, or an employer does not intend to share by simply hiding it.

Detect and conceal private, confidential or sensitive information during video conferencing​ evaluate, check, accept, reject, or consider its data output.

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Online meetings and collaboration have replaced in-person communication and the use of the telephone,whether at work, in school, or in our personal lives. This change was accelerated by the Covid pandemic asthere was a need to try to replace the experience of being live, in-person, and it has stuck.


Guardrail Technologies™ created Guardrail for Generative AI™, a suite of software to put organizations, businesses, governments, and individuals in control of the use of Generative AI.


Enable risk managers / legal / compliance –enable them to put guardrails in place around a risky communications channel

Help teleconference users – help protect them from inadvertently revealing sensitive information


Identify categories of sensitive information when setting up pattern matches

Identify downstream actions to take when redactions occur (training, etc.)

Demonstrate that controls are in place to mitigate risk on the channel

Provide full logging and audit trail


Scan all video leaving your organization for potentially sensitive data automatically

Redact the content that was identified (e.g.,SSNs, PII)

Blank the whole screen when appropriate (e.g., CONFIDENTIAL markings).

Integrate with all major conferencing platforms (Zoom, Teams, Meet, etc.) and existing logging and GRC systems.

Sunscreen is a stand-alone app that sits between your content and your screen sharing app. Therefore, it is compatible with any conferencing platform.​

Sunscreen utilizes state of the art Optical Character Recognition technology to identify all text on your shared content.

Fully customizable pattern matches are then used to identify potentially sensitive content and take appropriate action.​

Until the legal and regulatory issues AI presents are addressed, as this powerful tool advances, someone must be accountable for making sure that the models being used are appropriate for the task. We need boundaries in place to prevent their misuse—ones that are stress-tested to discover and address unintended consequences in a timely manner. Because right now, if AI is fed false data, it has no way to fact-check itself. And when AI spreads those falsehoods, it’s accountable to no one. We’re the only ones who can change that.

Michael Chertoff

served as the secretary of homeland security under President George W. Bush. He is a special adviser on the American Bar Association AI Task Force AI Use Desperately Needs Proactive Guardrails Across Industries

“With proper guardrails in place, generative AI can not only unlock novel use cases for businesses but also speed up, scale, or otherwise improve existing ones.”

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