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AI Sprawl – A Disaster Waiting to Happen
AI Sprawl – A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Sprawl is probably most familiar when used to describe the rapid and often poorly controlled spread of housing and commercial construction throughout much of suburbia. We have found that it also appropriately describes the current state of the development and utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) in many organizations.

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The Dark Side of AI: Bias
The Dark Side of AI: Bias

Artificial Intelligence is often considered a transformative technology that will enable incredible innovation and insights.  If the true promise of AI is realized, it will transform society in a very positive way.  However, AI is still (for now) created and deployed by humans and is susceptible to many of the same biases that human decision makers exhibit. These human biases, intentional or inadvertent, can creep in at every phase of the AI development and deployment process.

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